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Product NameCode\sThumbnail
Africa Pot Stand with PotjieSH11/12
Africa StandSH25
Cone Stand (4 Candles)SH5
Cone StandSH6
Spear StandSH17a
Ivy StandSH9
Table Tree Stand White/Black/RustSH29
Table Tree Fairy LightSH29c
Twister Nr 1 lowSH22
Twister Nr 2SH23
Eiffeltoring RustSH31
Big Boma Candle & FlowerSH32
Boma Table StandSL18
Small Round Flower StandSL19
Small Square Flower StandSL21
Rust Bowl with Spiral FeetSL22
Small Lantern RustSL24
Small Lantern WhiteSL24a
Oval Oase Stand SL23a/b
Rectangular silver oase standSL23/c
S StandSA37
Bird Cage (L) (M)SL38a/b
Black Candelabra 70cmGH70aa
White Candelabra 70cmGH70bb
Gold Candelabra 70cmGH70cc
Silver Candelabra 70cmGH70