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Product NameCode\sThumbnail
Brandy BalloonGH76a
2 & 4 Teacandle HolderGH78/79
Lida Vase 40x11cmGH81
Round 12cm Candle HolderGH80
Single Rose StangerGH43b
Single Rose Vase 5x20cmGH83
Cone Vase L M SGH2/3/4
Glass Cylinder 30cm and 20cmGH8a/GH10
FTD Vase 2x BalloonGH77
Mushroom Glass VaseGH69
Candle Holder Round SmallGH16
Ribbon Bowl L M SGH19/GH20
Rose Bowl S L XLGH22/23
Square Vases 5cm 7cm 10cm 12cmGH63/62
Single Rose Candle holderGH43c
Storm Lantern LGH36a
Ceramic Brown Cone MedGh72b
Ceramic Brown Cone SmallGH73
Santa Vase 40cmGH4c
Cone Vase 40x18cmGH4a
Silver Bowl with handleGH75
Rose petal VaseGH21
Round 15cm Silver bowlGH70dd
Silver Cone L MGH70ee/ff